16 Feb 2017
Scientists believe they have found a way to treat and perhaps reverse Parkinson's disease, by making replacement cells to mend the damaged brain.... +more
25 Jan 2017
By Anjanette Harris, University of Edinburgh, @anjiefitch   Sufferers of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are more than just a little ‘down in... +more
29 Dec 2016
Mice can share each other’s pain. And they appear to do it through smells. After entering the bedding where mice in pain had slept, new mice... +more
19 Dec 2016
A new study has demonstrated that when horses face unsolvable problems they use visual and tactile signals to get human attention and ask for help.... +more
28 Nov 2016
Human-animal embryos, called chimeras, can be produced when human stem cells are transplanted into animal embryos. By creating these types of embryos... +more
04 Nov 2016
The first unbiased genetic screen for sleep defects in mice has yielded two interesting mutants, Sleepy, which sleeps excessively, and Dreamless,... +more
25 Sep 2016
Though scientists have long known that mice can pick out scents — the smell of food, say, or the odor of a predator — they have been at a loss to... +more
12 Sep 2016
Bloodborne pathogen training (BBP) is an OSHA facilities requirement under 29CFR 1910.1030 and should be done every year, either through an online... +more
28 Aug 2016
A new and versatile imaging technique enables researchers to trace the trajectories of whole nerve cells and provides extensive insights into the... +more
24 Jul 2016
Routine scientific procedures using millions of animals are still being authorised when there is a tried and tested alternative, according to a group... +more