29 Dec 2015
Jeanne Calment has nothing on Creme Puff, the cat. The oldest living human made it to the ripe age of 122—not bad for a species with an average life... +more
23 Dec 2015
A recent Foundation for Biomedical Research survey asked what role animal models will play in biomedical research in the next 10 years. A resounding... +more
14 Dec 2015
For the first time, a litter of puppies was born by in vitro fertilization, thanks to work by Cornell University researchers. The breakthrough,... +more
23 Nov 2015
A pair of proteins may hold the key as to how animals like pigeons, sharks and bees sense the Earth's magnetic field and use it to navigate,... +more
09 Nov 2015
Skillful surgeons can do amazing things in extremely small places, but finding better ways to suture tiny blood vessels has been an ongoing challenge... +more
26 Oct 2015
To help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance, UC San Francisco scientists are urging hospitals around the country to stop buying meat from... +more
18 Oct 2015
Researchers who conduct animal studies often don't use simple safeguards against biases that have become standard in human clinical trials—or at... +more
09 Oct 2015
The Mouse Grimace Scale needs further research before it can be considered an effective tool for routine pain assessment in laboratory animals,... +more
05 Oct 2015
Researchers from Duke University watch in real time as Cyptoccoccal meningitis moves through tissue, blood vessels and into the brain of transparent... +more
28 Sep 2015
Researchers from the University of Liverpool have identified the genetic basis of how mice can recognise close relatives, even if they have never... +more