About Us


Laboratory Animal Science Association of Malaysia (LASAM) is a nonprofit organization comprising scientists, veterinarians, and technicians who use, study and care for laboratory animals. LASAM was established in 1994 to expand on ethical experimental knowledge and advance the implementation of science and technology in laboratory animal sciences.
The membership of LASAM covers the full spectrum of professional expertise relating to the care and welfare of animals used in research in Malaysia. This includes the provision of daily animal care, technical skill, veterinary support, ethics, regulatory management, training and the supply of equipment and services. LASAM puts the 3Rs of Laboratory Animal Science 'Replacement, Reduction and Refinement' centre stage.
LASAM is also a member of AFLAS





  • To advocate better understanding of the need for animals in research
  • To foster cooperation and collaboration in research and teaching between organisations and institutions 
  • The development of alternative techniques to the use of animals in research and teaching.
  • To communicate with the public and assist the Government on matters pertaining to laboratory animal sciences

Our Responsibility

  1. Primary contact for legislators and the public on issues of laboratory animal science and animal welfare
  2. To promote the accreditation of laboratory animal facilities
  3. Formation of working committees for the creation of scientific information and publications with recommendatory in this field.
  4. Education, training and further education of dealing with animal experiments Persons, certification of appropriate Courses
  5. Carrying out scientific conferences and training events
  6. Exchange the information about the experimental animal and animal research
  7. Accreditation of experimental animal conjurer
  8. To advocate for ethical animal practices by fostering the Three Rs:
    1. Replace the use of animals with alternative techniques
    2. Reduce the number of animals used to a minimum
    3. Refine the way experiments are carried out, to ensure animals suffer as little as possible. 

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