01 Nov 2023

31 OCT BUKIT TIMAH: The recent visit to Jax Symposium on the “Advanced in vivo Models and Their Applications in Therapeutics Research” was a significant step towards strengthening academic and research connections between Laboratory Animal Science Association of Malaysia (LASAM), and the research community of Singapore, including Singapore Health Services (SingHealth), National Cancer Centre, and National Neuroscience Institute. This symposium provided an overview on the essential tips for choosing and using the right humanised mouse models in immuno-oncology research. Humananised NSG mice (both NSG and NSG-SGM3) support the growth of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumours and they readily respond to Standard of Care (SOC) treatments. This innovative platform would allow scientists to better understand human immune and tumour cell interactions in preclinical testing of new therapies.

Special thanks to iDNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd for sponsoring this event.

Sharing session by Assoc Prof Dr. Carol Tang, from National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore.

From left: Dr. John Shia Kwong Siew (President of LASAM), Dr. Thuan Dinh Bui (CEO of iDNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd, Singapore), Dr. Charu Gupta and Dr. Krishna Bhagavatula (Jackson Laboratory, USA)