LASAM Scientific Seminar & 28th AGM
06 Oct 2023

The LASAM Scientific Seminar & 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on September 26, 2023, at the prestigious Concorde Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event brought together professionals and enthusiasts in the field of animal and medical sciences, offering a platform for knowledge sharing, scientific discourse, and organizational proceedings. With 44 enthusiastic members in attendance, the event proved to be a resounding success.


Scientific Seminar

The seminar commenced with Dr. Razlina Raghazi, representing the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia. Dr. Raghazi's presentation, titled Updates on Animal Welfare in Malaysia, drew attention to the evolving landscape of animal welfare in the country. She emphasized the importance of ethical treatment and care for animals in various sectors, including agriculture and research. Her insights provided a comprehensive overview of the efforts to enhance the well-being of animals in Malaysia.

Following Dr. Raghazi's engaging presentation, Ms. Syamsyahidah Binti Samsol, from SEATRU (Sea Turtle Research Unit) at INOS, University Malaysia Terengganu, took the stage. Her presentation, The Ethical Compass in Sea Turtle Research for Conservation, illuminated the ethical considerations associated with sea turtle research and conservation efforts. Ms. Samsol emphasized the critical role researchers play in ensuring the ethical treatment of sea turtles during their studies. Her work underscored the need for responsible research practices for the preservation of these endangered species.

The final speaker of the seminar, Associate Professor Dr. Wael Mohamed, hailing from the Kulliyyah of Medicine at IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia), delivered an enlightening presentation titled Zebrafish Model of Parkinson Disease - Seeding Hopes. Dr. Mohamed's research showcased the potential of zebrafish as a valuable model for studying Parkinson's disease, shedding light on novel approaches for understanding and treating this debilitating neurological condition. His research offered a beacon of hope for individuals affected by Parkinson's disease.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM segment of the event was a crucial platform for reviewing LASAM's activities for the period of 2021 to 2023. Key reports were presented to the members. Dr. Anisah, a dedicated president, presented a comprehensive overview of the association's activities during this period. Her presentation highlighted the achievements and milestones reached in promoting LASAM to the related scientific communities. Capt. Dr. John Shia, the association's esteemed treasurer, delivered the financial report, offering transparency and accountability in managing the organization's finances.

One of the pivotal moments during the AGM was the election of the LASAM Executive Committee for the upcoming two-year term, spanning from 2023 to 2025. The new committee will shape the future direction of the association. The election results were as follows: Capt. Dr. John Shia was elected as the new President of LASAM. His extensive experience and dedication to the field make him a valuable addition to the leadership team. Dr. Suzita was elected as the Vice President, bringing her expertise and passion for laboratory animal science to support the organization's objectives.


The LASAM Scientific Seminar & 28th AGM was a resounding success, fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas among members and stakeholders. The seminar featured three distinguished speakers who shared their expertise in animal welfare, sea turtle conservation, and innovative medical research. The AGM provided a platform for accountability, where members received reports on past activities and elected a new leadership team to guide LASAM in its mission.

The event concluded at 2 pm with a delicious lunch at the Concorde Hotel café, offering attendees an opportunity to network and socialize. The knowledge shared during the seminar and the decisions made during the AGM promise a bright future for LASAM.

LASAM looks forward to more fruitful seminars, AGMs, and collaborative efforts in the coming years, as it strives to make meaningful contributions to animal welfare, research ethics, and medical advancements in the region.