26 Oct 2015
To help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance, UC San Francisco scientists are urging hospitals around the country to stop buying meat from... +more
18 Oct 2015
Researchers who conduct animal studies often don't use simple safeguards against biases that have become standard in human clinical trials—or at... +more
09 Oct 2015
The Mouse Grimace Scale needs further research before it can be considered an effective tool for routine pain assessment in laboratory animals,... +more
05 Oct 2015
Researchers from Duke University watch in real time as Cyptoccoccal meningitis moves through tissue, blood vessels and into the brain of transparent... +more
28 Sep 2015
Researchers from the University of Liverpool have identified the genetic basis of how mice can recognise close relatives, even if they have never... +more
21 Sep 2015
The journal Nature is revising its policy on publishing animal experiments after a study it ran in 2011 received criticism because the authors... +more
14 Sep 2015
Alzheimer's disease (AD), which affects an estimated 26 million people worldwide, is the fourth leading cause of death among the elderly and the... +more
07 Sep 2015
 Researchers have cracked the code to grow bioengineered limbs. Rat limbs, that is. A group of researchers from Massachusetts General... +more
01 Sep 2015
The death of brain cells in Parkinson's disease may be caused by a form of cellular energy crisis in neurons that require unusually high quantities... +more
24 Aug 2015
Navigating a cluttered environment at high speed is among the greatest challenges in biology. Yet it’s one virtually all birds achieve with ease... +more